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Imagine waking in the morning (or afternoon, for that matter), rubbing the sleep from your eyes, and strolling over to your computer. You check your bank balance.

Yep, a few more thousand dollars came in overnight. Yet...

  • You didn't talk to any buyers
  • You didn't talk to any sellers
  • You didn't spend one dime on advertising
  • In fact, you never even left your house to look at a property!

You think back to how you got started. There was...

No Cash, No Credit, No Experience...
And Virtually No Effort Required!

If real estate investing got any easier, you wouldn't even have to get out of bed...

...well, actually, someone will have to deposit those massive checks. But we've made this system so incredibly simple...

ANYONE Can Do This!

My question to you is this: Are you prepared for the flood of cash that will overflow your bank account when you use Jeff Adam's Ultimate Wealth Building System?

Here's what you get:


The REO Riches Done For You Investing System: Includes all 6 DVD's, 6 CD's, Workbook, & Transcripts. This entire course is designed to hold your hand...

...and walk you step-by-step through your very first deal... all the way to depositing your HUGE check as soon as humanly possible!
Unlimited Proof of Funds Letters: deal-specific, of course :-)
The REO Superstar's Complete Library of Contracts, Forms, and Scripts: You'll know exactly what to say and do in every conceivable situation with Realtors, Buyers, Sellers.... And you'll gain credibility by presenting a professional image.
Low-Cost Private Funding: You get access to quick cash as often as you need!
The Real Estate Million-Dollar Mindset: You'll be unstoppable, with rock-solid confidence, once you listen to this MP3 Download. More than just motivational rah-rah stuff, you'll discover new possibilities for building wealth that you may have never dreamed of.
FREE REO Leads... For LIFE! We're already giving you the top software in real estate investing for generating leads. Now, add on that, the biggest realtors in your area, giving you the hottest leads they've got! You can't help but succeed!

Plus, You Get

REO Profit Generator Software: this amazing technology has "DONE FOR YOU" the one task most "failed" real estate investors get wrong: Getting enough buyers and sellers!

NOTE: It should be obvious: the most important part of real estate investing is having enough buyers and sellers. Which means leads. It's how you get paid.And this software gives you more leads than most people can handle. Best Part:the REO Profit Generator does it... on autopilot!
This is a Tested and Proven system that's made Jeff's students (waaaay too many to count) wealthy, all across America.

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Look at what one of our students has to say about us:

"First Deal Within Weeks..."

"Jeff, I just wanted to THANK YOU for introducing me to buying and selling REO’s.

Within weeks of having purchase Jeff's system, I had my first deal in escrow!

Jeff's simple approach to real estate investing has enabled me to increase my income in ways I never thought possible."

- Don Sanders



Unlimited Proof of Funds Letters ($1,497.00 Value)

When you get my Ultimate Wealth Building System, you will gain Instant Credibility with our powerful Proof of Funds letter!

Banks with REO’s look at these letters carefully.  They have to be precisely worded and must have the EXACT words a bank is looking for!

Our powerful, proven Proof of Funds letter has the exact wording you need to get a bank to give you the green light to do a deal.



Private Funding ($Priceless)

I'm setting you up with virtually UNLIMITED supply of private money!

If you are a little short of money or if your credit is not too good, YOUR MONEY WORRIES ARE OVER! This works in all 50 states

We have students all around the United States that we are funding deals for on a weekly basis with this program!


Exclusive REO Directory ($495.00 Value)

My top-secret REO directory lists all of the banks that are offering REO’s nationwide. If you are interested in a particular area or a particular bank, you will be able to find the information you are looking for INSTANTLY!

This top secret contact information will help you quickly reach the people who can help you get the REOs of your dreams!  And, my exclusive REO directory will save you dozens of hours of research time.


Forms & Contracts ($997.00 Value)

EVERYTHING depends on having the right forms and the right contracts!  Buying your REOs depends on it and so does selling your REO’s!

We know what is legal and what is fair and that is what these forms and contracts contain!  These forms and contracts were developed by some of the top attorneys, top real estate agents and REO specialists in the country!


Partnering On Deals ($Priceless)

Assuming the numbers make sense, I will partner with you on deals AND help you line up financing!

This could be worth thousands to tens of thousands of dollars or EVEN MORE in extra profits for you!

Total Value of $2,989.00

But in case you have any doubts whatsoever, relax!  Because...

You're Fully Protected!

Simply take a Risk-Free Trial that gives you a 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.

You must be totally and completely satisfied, or we will rush you a refund immediately... No Questions Asked! You have NOTHING to lose. So go ahead and select your...

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Fast Action MEGA Bonus
(For First 15 people)

My 3 Day Foreclosure Academy ($3,000.00 Value)

The first 15 Customers that invest in the system will get access to my Foreclosure Academy, which is held four times a year on both the East Coast and West Coast. We do this to MAKE SURE that there will be a time and a location that is convenient and easy for you to attend!

Other students have paid $3,000 just to attend this powerful, inspiring training.
For you, if you sign up today, it is FREE!

At the Foreclosure Academy, our experts will cover absolutely everything you need to know to make a fortune with foreclosures in today’s real estate market!

Total Value if you are one of the first 15: ($10,995.00)

Risk-Free Trial Offer:

One-Time Investment

Today Only $1,995

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